zoom webinar screen with three participants


Below is a full list of recent webinars hosted by The Hastings Center:

In Science We Trust?

Can AI Promote Our Health & Well-Being?

Can AI Improve Healthcare for Everyone?

Should AI Care for Us?

Reimagining Healthcare Work, Repairing Healthcare Systems: Lessons from the Front Line

Wrestling with Social & Behavioral Genomics

The Battle for Your Brain–Callahan Lecture

Toward Navigating Danger and Promise Together–Editing the Human Genome

Should We Change “Chimeric” Human-Animal Research?

Advancing Housing and Health Equity for Older Adults (cosponsor for the four-part series: The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies)

Analyzing the Dobbs Decision: What Exactly Did Justice Alito Say?

Hastings Conversation: Patient Harms and Professional Obligations after Dobbs

Communicating Ethical Challenges in Crises: Bioethics with Bigger Impact (companion to a special issue in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine)

Learning from Aging in Place Initiatives (with Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard)

Anti-Black Racism, Health & Health Care: A Reckoning—and a Path Forward

Callahan Lecture: Is It Possible to Have Healthy People on a Sick Planet (with Gary Cohen)

Love and Loss with Amy Bloom


Health Equity Summit, “Righting the Wrongs, Tackling Health Inequities”

Health Equity Summit agenda


The Art of Flourishing: Conversations on Disability, led by Hastings Center research scholar Erik Parens, with Liz Bowen, Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, and Joel Michael Reynolds


Bioethics for Journalists, led by Hastings Center director of communications Susan Gilbert


Hastings Conversations: A Series, hosted by Hastings Center president Mildred Solomon

Securing Health in a Troubled Time

Reopening the Nation