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Special Reports

Special Reports to the Hastings Center Report are one venue in which the Center publishes the results of its research projects. Reports may be single-authored or collections of essays prepared by members of project working groups, consensus documents, or lively conversations among those who reached differing moral conclusions about a project’s central questions.

Essay sets organized around topical issues in bioethics appear periodically in the Hastings Center Report. They consist of commentaries, analyses, and journalistic reporting that provide depth and perspective on bioethics developments in the news.

Some of the special reports and other publications are available for free download; others have selected content available for free. To order other Hastings Center Report special reports please contact John Wiley & Sons customer support at 800-835-6770 or cs-journals@wiley.com.

Special reports:

Volume 54, Issue S1, Facing Dementia: Clarifying End‐of‐Life Choices, Supporting Better Lives, January-February 2024, Edited by: Nancy Berlinger, Emily A. Largent, Mara Buchbinder, Mildred Z. Solomon

Volume 53, Issue S2, Time to Rebuild: Essays on Trust in Health Care and Science, September‐October 2023, Edited by: Lauren A. Taylor, Gregory E. Kaebnick, Mildred Z. Solomon

Volume 53, Issue S1, The Ethical Implications of Social and Behavioral Genomics, March‐April 2023, Edited by: Erik Parens, Michelle N. Meyer

Volume 52, Issue S2, Creating Chimeric Animals: Seeking Clarity on Ethics and Oversight, November‐December 2022, Edited by: Karen J. Maschke, Margaret M. Matthews, Kaitlynn P. Craig, Carolyn P. Neuhaus, Insoo Hyun, Josephine Johnston

Volume 52, Issue S1, A Critical Moment in Bioethics: Reckoning with Anti‐Black Racism through Intergenerational Dialogue, March‐April 2022, Edited by: Faith E. Fletcher, Keisha S. Ray, Virginia A. Brown, Patrick T. Smith

Volume 51, Issue S2, Gene Editing in the Wild: Shaping Decisions through Broad Public Deliberation, November‐December 2021, Edited by: Michael K. Gusmano, Gregory E. Kaebnick, Karen J. Maschke, Carolyn P. Neuhaus, Ben Curran Wills

Volume 51, Issue S1, Democracy in Crisis: Civic Learning and the Reconstruction of Common Purpose, January‐February 2021, Edited by: Gregory E. Kaebnick, Michael Gusmano, Bruce Jennings, Carolyn P. Neuhaus, Mildred Z. Solomon

Volume 50, Issue S1, For “All of Us”? On the Weight of Genomic Knowledge, May-June 2020, Edited by: Joel Michael Reynolds, Erik Parens

Volume 49, Issue S1, Looking for the Psychosocial Impacts of Genomic Information, May-June 2019, Edited by: Erik Parens, Paul S. Appelbaum

Volume 48, Issue S4, Defining Death: Organ Transplantation and the Fifty‐Year Legacy of the Harvard Report on Brain Death, November-December 2018

Volume 48, Issue S3, What Makes a Good Life in Late Life? Citizenship and Justice in Aging Societies, September-October 2018, Edited by: Nancy Berlinger, Kate de Medeiros, Mildred Z. Solomon

Volume 48, Issue S2, The Ethics of Sequencing Newborns: Reflections and Recommendations, July-August 2018

Volume 48, Issue S1,Governance of Emerging Technologies: Aligning Policy Analysis with the Public’s Values, January-February 2018

Volume 47, Issue S3, Just Reproduction: Reimagining Autonomy in Reproductive Medicine, November-December 2017

Volume 47, Issue S2, Recreating the Wild: De‐Extinction, Technology, and the Ethics of Conservation, July-August 2017

Volume 47, Issue S1, Goals and Practice of Public Bioethics: Reflections on National Bioethics Commissions, May-June 2017

Volume 46, Issue S2, NFL Player Health: The Role of Club Doctors, November/December 2016

Volume 46, Issue S1, Nurses at the Table: Nursing, Ethics, and Health Policy, September/October 2016

Volume 45, Issue S1, The Genetics of Intelligence: Ethics and the Conduct of Trustworthy Research Edited by Erik Parens and Paul S. Appelbaum, September/October 2015

Volume 44, Issue S5, Can We Create What We Want Out of Synthetic Biology? Edited by Gregory E. Kaebnick, Michael K. Gusmano, and Thomas H. Murray, November-December 2014

Volume 44, Issue s4, LGBT Bioethics Visibility, Disparities, and Dialogue Edited by Tia Powell and Mary Beth Foglia, September-October 2014

Volume 44, Issue s3, The Intersection of Research Fraud and Human Subjects Research: A Regulatory Review, edited by Barbara E. Bierer and Mark Barnes, July-August 2014

Volume 44, Issue s2, Interpreting Neuroimages: An Introduction to the Technology and Its Limits, edited by Josephine Johnston and Erik Parens, March-April 2014

Volume 44, Issue s1, Narrative Ethics: The Role of Stories in Bioethics, edited by Martha Montello, January-February 2014

Volume 43, Issue s1, Ethical Oversight of Learning Health Care Systems, Edited by Mildred Z. Solomon, Ann C. Bonham, January-February 2013

Older special reports:

Animal Research Ethics, November-December 2012

Troubled Children: Diagnosing, Treating, and Attending to Context, March–April 2011

Good Health Care by Design, January-February 2011

Personalized Medicine: Will It Work? Where Will It Take Us?, September–October 2010

Sports and the Search for Fairness, March-April 2010

Would Better Medical Evidence Lead to Better Health Care?, November–December 2009

The Hastings Center at Forty: A Look at Its Founding Four Issues, May-June 2009

Children’s Bodies, Parents’ Choices, January–February 2009

Connecting American Values with Health Reform, August 2009

Reassessing Human Subjects Protections, March-April 2008

Regulating Reprogenetics, July–August 2007

The Five People You Meet in a Pandemic—And What They Need from You Today, November 2007

Patents, Biomedical Research, and Treatments: Examining Concerns, Canvassing Solutions, January–February 2007

The Ethics of Using QI Methods to Improve Health Care Quality & Safety, July–August 2006

Improving End of Life Care: Why Has It Been So Difficult?, July–August 2006

Genetic Differences & Human Identities, January–February 2004

Promoting Patient Safety: An Ethical Basis for Policy Deliberation, November–December 2003

Reprogenetics and Public Policy: Reflections and Recommendations, July–August 2003

Access to Hospice Care: Expanding Boundaries, Overcoming Barriers, March–April 2003

Ethics and Trusteeship for Health Care, July–August 2002

A Global Profession: Medical Values in China and the U.S., July–August 2000
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Disability Rights Critique of Prenatal Genetic Testing, September–October 1999

What Could Have Saved John Worthy?, July–August 1998

Is Better Always Good? The Enhancement Project, January–February 1998