Personalized Medicine: Will It Work? Where Will It Take Us?

Personalized medicine—the customization of medical treatment to an individual’s genetic profile—aims to both improve outcomes and control costs. But there are many ethical hurdles, ranging from the regulation of direct-to-consumer genetic tests to questions about targeted cancer therapies. The issues are explored in these essays by ethicists, a patient, a medical student, and a consumer advocate. To order the essays, please contact John Wiley & Sons customer support at 800-835-6770 or


Table of Contents


The Prospects for Personalized Medicine

Shara Yurkiewicz

Personalized Medicine’s Ragged Edge

Leonard M. Fleck

Personalized Cancer Care in an Age of Anxiety

Susan Gilbert

Wanted: Human Biospecimens

Karen J. Maschke

Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Tests and the Right to Know

Ronni Sandroff