Ethics of Workarounds in Health Care with Hastings Center Scholar Nancy Berlinger

Robert H Lurie Medical Research Center 303 E. Superior, Chicago

The Montgomery Lectures series addresses diverse topics within bioethics and the medical humanities. Presenters are faculty, affiliates, and alumni of the Medical Humanities & Bioethics Graduate Program--along with a few special guests. The lectures run every Thursday from noon to 12:45pm during The Graduate School's fall, winter, and spring quarters. They are open to students,...


Questioning Cure: Disability, Identity, and Healing


Should cure be the ultimate aim of health care? Sometimes aiming at cure entails trying to fix disability rather than enabling disabled people to flourish. Sometimes it obscures the goal of healing. And sometimes aiming at cure entails failing to distinguish between disease and difference. In this webinar, disabled writers and educators Anand Prahlad, Ann...