Ways To Give

Advances in health, science, and technology raise profound ethical questions. Facts alone will not provide answers.  Today more than ever, we need to identify the values at stake, listen to one another’s perspectives, and craft approaches that can be incorporated into practice, policy, and good governance. Founded in 1969, The Hastings Center is the oldest independent, nonpartisan, interdisciplinary research institute of its kind in the world. We work for solutions that promote well-being for all.

Interested in advancing our mission and expanding our impact? We welcome online donations and offer many other ways to give. Please contact Ryan Sauder (sauderr@thehastingscenter.org; 717-468-5835, cell) to discuss these or other approaches for sustaining our vital work in bioethics today and for years to come.

Gifts by Check

Donations by check may be sent to the following address:
The Hastings Center
attn: Siofra Vizzi
21 Malcolm Gordon Road
Garrison, NY 10524

Appreciated Securities

Donating marketable securities that you have owned for more than one year can be an attractive way to make a gift, if the securities have appreciated in value since you purchased them.

If you are transferring securities, please provide your broker with the following information:

  • The Hastings Center account is with Vanguard Securities
  • Vanguard Phone: (800) 992-8327
  • Account Name: The Hastings Center
  • Account: 56232336
  • DTC: 0062

Your broker will need to know:

  • Security Name
  • Number of shares or Value you wish to transfer
  • Please ask your broker to notify The Hastings Center when the stock has been transferred.

Please email Siofra Vizzi, Manager of Individual Giving and Special Events, for more information about this account or about donations of securities or call her at 1-845-424-4040 x 202.

Matching Gifts

The Center welcomes employer matching gifts. Please contact your Human Resources representative to determine if your company has a matching gift program. The completed form may be sent to the development department at The Hastings Center, 21 Malcolm Gordon Road, Garrison, NY 10524 or e-mail Siofra Vizzi.

Donor Advised Funds 

You can make a tax-deductible gift to a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) which will make annual grants to The Hastings Center at your direction. 

If you would like to consider making the Hastings Center a successor beneficiary of your DAF account, you may need to ensure that provision when you first establish your account.

If you already have a DAF account, please include The Hastings Center next time you submit your advisory decisions to the account holder.

IRA Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs)

If you were born before July 1, 1952, you should be eligible to make a (“QCD”) transfer directly from your IRA account to The Hastings Center. While there is no charitable income tax deduction for this kind of gift, it is not realized as a taxable withdrawal from your account if transferred directly. 

For those subject to Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) from an IRA account, QCD’s may reduce or offset those RMD amounts for the current tax year.

You may name The Hastings Center as the beneficiary of your IRA at any time during your lifetime, but should seek guidance when mixing charitable beneficiaries with individuals on the same retirement account.

“Transfer on Death” (TOD) Payments

Commercial Annuity Contracts – Commercial annuities will sometimes have a remaining value at the end of the annuitant’s lifetime. You can name The Hastings Center to receive all or part of this amount by designating it as a beneficiary (sole or partial) on the appropriate form from the insurance company.

Bank Accounts – You can instruct your bank to pay The Hastings Center all or a portion of what remains in a checking or savings account. Your bank can provide you with the appropriate beneficiary designation form.

Investment Accounts – You can instruct your investment company to transfer to The Hastings Center some or all investments held in the account at the time of your passing. Your broker or agent can let you know the process for doing this – it may be as simple as adding “T.O.D. to The Hastings Center” after your name on the account.

Gift planning strategies and examples

The information on this website is not intended as legal or tax advice. Please consult with your own attorney or tax advisor before committing to any of the gift planning ideas, suggestions, or techniques illustrated or described above.