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The Hastings Center is a nonpartisan ethics research institution founded in 1969.
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Tailored to the needs of journalists, the Bioethics Briefings contains overviews of issues in bioethics of high public interest.

Key Issues and Center Experts

AgingNancy Berlinger, PhD
Animal EthicsCarolyn P. Neuhaus, PhD
Artificial IntelligenceVardit Ravitsky, PhD
Athmeya Jarayam, PhD
Clinical Trials & Research EthicsKaren J. Maschke, PhD
Conflicts of Interest in ResearchJosephine Johnston, LLB, MBHL
Covid-19 Ethics & Vaccine Trials and AllocationKaren Maschke, PhD
Disability BioethicsErik Parens, PhD
EnhancementErik Parens, PhD
Emerging TechnologiesGregory E. Kaebnick, PhD
Erik Parens, Ph.D
End-of-Life CareNancy Berlinger, PhD
GeneticsJosephine Johnston, LLB, MBHL
Gregory E. Kaebnick, PhD
Carolyn P. Neuhaus, PhD
Erik Parens, PhD
Health Care & Health PolicyNancy Berlinger, PhD
Medical ErrorNancy Berlinger, PhD
Nature and Environmental EthicsGregory E. Kaebnick, PhD
Carolyn P. Neuhaus, PhD
NeuroscienceErik Parens, PhD
Prenatal and Newborn ScreeningJosephine Johnston, LLB, MBHL
Erik Parens, PhD
Privacy and BiobankingKaren J. Maschke, PhD
Psychiatry and Mental HealthErik Parens, PhD
Reproductive HealthVardit Ravitsky, PhD
Josephine Johnston, LLB, MBHL
Danielle Pacia, MBE
Sports and EthicsThomas H. Murray, PhD
Synthetic BiologyGregory E. Kaebnick, PhD
Erik Parens, PhD

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