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PRESS RELEASE: 10-15-15 New in the Hastings Center Report

MEDIA ADVISORY:10-13-05 Hastings Center Informs NYC Plan for Immigrant Health Care Access

PRESS RELEASE: 9-10-15 Hastings Center Awarded NIH Grant

PRESS RELEASE: 7-16-15 New in the Hastings Center Report

PRESS RELEASE: 7-7-15 As Medicaid Turns 50, Hastings Center Scholar Examines Reforms Aimed at Improving Value for Dollar

PRESS RELEASE: 7/1/15 A Dangerous Master: How to Keep Technology from Slipping Beyond Our Control

PRESS RELEASE: 5-14-15 New in the Hastings Center Report

PRESS RELEASE: Undocumented Immigrants and Access to Health Care in New York City

New in the Hastings Center Report

Five Physicians Honored for Outstanding Care of Patients Near the End of Life

PRESS RELEASE: 2-17-15 Wendell Wallach Named Senior Advisor to The Hastings Center

PRESS RELEASE: 2-11-15 Improving End-of-Life Care: Lessons from 40 Years of Work

MEDIA ADVISORY: 2-3-15 Should controversial assisted reproduction technique be legal?

PRESS RELEASE 2-2-15: New in the Hastings Center Report


PRESS RELEASE 11-13-14: Shaping Our Selves: On Technology, Flourishing, and a Habit of Thinking

MEDIA ADVISORY 11-10-14: Live Webcast of LGBT Health and Human Rights Symposium

PRESS RELEASE: 10-2-14 LGBT Bioethics: Visibility, Disparities, and Dialogue

PRESS RELEASE: 9-17-14 Why Bioethics Literacy Matters

MEDIA ADVISORY: “Hobby Lobby” Decision and Access to Health Care

PRESS RELEASE: 6/18/14 Counterterrorism, Ethics, and Global Health

PRESS RELEASE 3/13/14: Stirring the Simmering “Designer Baby” Pot

PRESS RELEASE: 2/20/14 Developing Countries Face “Leading Medical Scourge of Developed Countries”

PRESS RELEASE 2/18/14: Hastings Center Announces Journalists Bootcamp on Covering End-of-Life Care

PRESS RELEASE: 1-27-14 Humans in Nature: The World as We Find It and The World as We Create It

PRESS RELEASE: 1-21-14 Five Physicians Honored for Outstanding Care of Patients Near the End of Life

PRESS RELEASE: 1-8-14 New Project on Psychiatric, Neurologic, and Behavioral Genetics


PRESS RELEASE: 12-16-13 The Effects of Sequestration on Indian Health

PRESS RELEASE 12-9-13 Marketing Loans for Fertility Treatments Raises Ethical Concerns

PRESS RELEASE: 10/30/13 Bloomberg’s Health Legacy: Urban Innovator or Meddling Nanny?

PRESS RELEASE: 10-9-13 New Guidelines Call on Clinicians to Improve Decision-making for Seriously Ill Children

PRESS RELEASE: 10-7-13 Improving the Quality of Clinical Ethics Consultants

PRESS RELEASE: 9/14/13 Synthetic Biology and Morality: New Book Explores Ethical Questions about Creating “Artificial Life”

PRESS RELEASE: 9/4/13 Childhood obesity demands more doctor-parent discussion

PRESS RELEASE 8/5/2013 Rosemary Gibson Named Senior Advisor to The Hastings Center

MEDIA ADVISORY: 5-16-13 Ethical Dilemmas Raised by New Stem Cell Research

PRESS RELEASE: 11.19.12 Two New Books by Daniel Callahan: A Memoir and a Collected Writing on “Roots of Bioethics”

MEDIA ADVISORY: 11.02.12 Daniel Callahan and Marcia Angell on Death with Dignity Ballot Initiative

PRESS RELEASE: 10.24.12 Survival of the Affordable Care Act Assessed in New Commentaries

MEDIA ADVISORY: 10.16.12 Hastings Center Adds New Online Resources on Undocumented Patients’ Access to Health Care

PRESS RELEASE: 10.15.12 Personalized Genomic Medicine – How Much Can It Really Empower Patients?

PRESS RELEASE: 09.11.12 Analyzing the “Facebook Effect” on Organ and Tissue Donation

PRESS RELEASE: 08.15.12 Study Finds Pregnant Women Support Some Participation in Research

PRESS RELEASE: 08.10.12 Prenatal Whole Genome Sequencing: Just Because We Can, Should We?

MEDIA ADVISORY: 07.26.12 Bioethicist Tom Murray available to discuss doping, fairness, and other ethical issues in sport as Olympics approach

MEDIA ADVISORY: 07.24.12 Hastings Center Board member and Fellow on White House panel: Greening America’s Hospitals

PRESS RELEASE: 07.12.12 Medical Ethicists Face Cancer in New Book

PRESS RELEASE: 06.28.12 “Recruitment by Genotype” for Genetic Research Poses Ethical Challenges, Study Finds

MEDIA ADVISORY: 06.22.12 Is the Mandate Fair? The Bioethics of the Affordable Care Act

PRESS RELEASE: 05.30.12 When is it Ethical to Prescribe Placebos?

MEDIA ADVISORY: 05.17.12 Hastings Center launches website with resources on undocumented immigrants and access to health care

PRESS RELEASE: 05.01.12 Protections Needed for Some People Who Say No to Research, Study Concludes

PRESS RELEASE: 03.27.12 Bioethics Gets Personal with Hastings’ First Consumer Website and Hastings-NOVA Special on Personalized Medicine Premiering on PBS on March 28

PRESS RELEASE: 03.22.12 Hastings Bioethicist Contributes to Consensus Guidelines on Responsibility of Biobanks to Return Results to Participants in Genomic Research

PRESS RELEASE: 03.12.12 The Hastings Center Names Mildred Z. Solomon Next President

MEDIA ADVISORY: 02.21.12 Role Reversal – Bioethicist interviews reporter on end of life

PRESS RELEASE: 02.22.12 Attitudes Vary about Payments to Research Participants

PRESS RELEASE: 02.07.12 Justifying Insurance Coverage for Orphan Drugs

PRESS RELEASE: 01.10.12 Five Physicians Honored for End-of-Life Care


PRESS RELEASE: 12.07.11 Hasting Center Awarded National Endowment for the Humanities Grant

PRESS RELEASE: 12.06.11 Hastings Center, Kent Place School Embark on Pioneering High School Bioethics Program

PRESS RELEASE: 11.22.11 Study of Women with Anorexia Nervosa Finds Inner Conflicts Over the “Real” Self that Have Treatment Implications

PRESS RELEASE: 11.10.11 Hastings Center Elects 10 New Fellows, Expands International Reach

PRESS RELEASE: 10.11.11 New Project Examines Medical Safety Net for Undocumented Patients

PRESS RELEASE: 10.04.11 Does MRI Pose More than Minimal Risk in Pediatric Research?

PRESS RELEASE: 09.26.11 Is Gallows Humor in Medicine Wrong?

PRESS RELEASE: 08.18.11 Wesleyan University President Michael Roth Joins Hastings Center Board

PRESS RELEASE: 08.09.11 Study Finds Cognitive Deficits More than Psychotic Symptoms Impair Decision-making Capacity in Individuals with Schizophrenia

PRESS RELEASE: 08.04.11 Hastings Center Report Expands Reach through Wiley-Blackwell Partnership

PRESS RELEASE: 08.01.11 Social Challenges of Synthetic Biology Examined

PRESS RELEASE: 07.18.11 New Grant Supports Hastings Work on Ethics of Medical Research with Animals

MEDIA ADVISORY: 07.15.11 Hastings Center Scholar and Colleagues Examine Spiritual Care of Seriously Ill Children

PRESS RELEASE: 07.11.11 Summertime, Vacations at National Parks, Corn, Baseball – They’re All Connected in a New Book About the Meaning of Nature

PRESS RELEASE: 06.09.11 Physician participation in lethal injection executions should not be banned, argue two ethicists

PRESS RELEASE: 05.31.11 What Can We Do About Death? Reinventing the American Medical System

PRESS RELEASE: 05.09.11 A Grim Dilemma: Treating the Tortured Prisoner

PRESS RELEASE: 05.04.11 Gilbert Omenn, Leading Cancer Researcher, Geneticist, and Policy Expert, Joins Hastings Center Board

PRESS RELEASE: 04.14.11 Too Much Information? Risk-benefit data does not always lead to informed decision-making

PRESS RELEASE: 03.24.11 Thomas H. Murray to Step Down as President of The Hastings Center

PRESS RELEASE: 03.16.11 Debates about Diagnosing and Treating Emotional and Behavioral Disturbances in Children Are Unnecessarily Polarized

MEDIA ADVISORY: 02.24.11 Erik Parens to Speak About Behavioral Genetics at Feb. 28 Meeting of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues

PRESS RELEASE: 02.15.11 Welcome Back to the Expanded Health Care Cost Monitor Blog

PRESS RELEASE: 01.24.11 Unrealistic Optimism Appears Common in Early Cancer Trials

PRESS RELEASE: 01.13.11 Next-Generation Hospital Design Can Improve Health—and Save Money

PRESS RELEASE: 01.11.11 Five Physicians Honored for Exemplary End-of-Life Care


PRESS RELEASE: 12.07.10 Cognitively-Impaired Human Research Subjects Need Better Protection

PRESS RELEASE: 11.30.10 Recommendations Issued on Controversial “Ashley” Procedure for Disabled Children

PRESS RELEASE: 11.29.30 How We Die, Award-Winning Classic, Updated for 2010

PRESS RELEASE: 11.11.10 Pharmaceutical Company Bioethics? Public Health Bioethics? Regenerative Medicine Bioethics?

PRESS RELEASE: 11.10.10 Researchers See Ethical Dilemmas in Providing Care in Drug Detention Centers

PRESS RELEASE: 10.12.10 Joseph J. Fins Elected to Institute of Medicine of the National Academies

MEDIA ADVISORY: 10.12.10 Seminar on Treating Mental Disorders in Poor and Vulnerable Children

MEDIA ADVISORY: 10.07.10 Author Who Revealed Unethical Guatemala Syphilis Study Writes Follow-up for Bioethics Forum

MEDIA ADVISORY: 09.30.10 Bioethicist Available to Discuss Latest News on Pluripotent Stem Cells

PRESS RELEASE: 09.30.10 Bioethics Scholars Fault Requirement that All Women in Clinical Drug Trials Use Contraception

PRESS RELEASE: 09.16.10 With Growing U.S. Support for Personalized Medicine, a Look at Ethical Dilemmas

PRESS RELEASE: 09.14.10 Legal Analysis: The Health Insurance Mandate Is Constitutional

PRESS RELEASE: 09.09.10 Study Finds Most Oregon Hospices do not Fully Participate in the Death with Dignity Act

PRESS RELEASE: 08.10.10 Clinical Trials Abroad: Making Non-English Language Consent Forms Readable

PRESS RELEASE: 08.10.10 Clinical Trials: Study Suggests that Comprehension Is not Affected by Length or Complexity of Consent Forms or by Payment for Research Participation

PRESS RELEASE: 07.15.10 Bioethics Beach Reading, Summer 2010 Edition

MEDIA ADVISORY: 07.01.10 Greg Kaebnick to Speak on Synthetic Biology at First Meeting of The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues

PRESS RELEASE: 06.22.10 Implementing Comparative Effectiveness Research: Lessons from the Mammography Screening Controversy

PRESS RELEASE: 06.10.10 New Book Compares Health Care in New York, Paris, and London

PRESS RELEASE: 05.28.10 Consent Forms for Research: Have They Improved in 25 Years?

PRESS RELEASE: 05.20.10 Moral Issues Raised by Synthetic Biology Subject of Hastings Center Project

PRESS RELEASE: 05.19.10 Proposed Diagnostic Change Not Enough to Help Children Currently Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder

PRESS RELEASE: 04.14.10 Three Hastings Center Fellows Chosen for Obama’s Bioethics Commission; Chair Is Also a Fellow

PRESS RELEASE: 04.01.10 Baseball season opener: athletes and ethicists look at fairness in sport

PRESS RELEASE: 03.24.10 Fertility industry offers big money to recruit “desirable” egg donors at top universities

PRESS RELEASE: 03.18.10 Broad Application of Bipolar Diagnosis in Children May Do More Harm than Good

MEDIA ADVISORY: 03.08.10 Reporter Resources on the Obama Health Care Plan and Costs


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