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Our Research

The Hastings Center helps frame and examine critical bioethics issues facing professional practice and public policy. Our researchers include a staff of leading bioethics scholars and a worldwide network of experts. Most of our work is organized into four broad areas: The Human Life Span, Health & Health Care, Science & Technology, and Environment.

At the heart of many of our projects are interdisciplinary working group meetings in which Hastings Center research scholars lead outside scholars, professionals, advocates, and other interested parties in careful analysis and sustained debate.

Our research has long been characterized by its openness to different perspectives and our conviction that conversation across disciplinary boundaries is both essential and fruitful. Some projects aim to reach a full consensus; others do not. But in the process of identifying and narrowing differences; eliminating misunderstandings; and developing tolerance, trust, and collegiality, debates are clarified and new insights are produced.

The Hastings Center’s methodology and products are the gold standard for rigorous interdisciplinary investigation of critical issues in bioethics. Project findings are published in booksspecial reports in the Hastings Center Report, and other leading peer-reviewed journals. Further impact is achieved through our engagement with the press, policy-makers, and the public.

45% of our work is supported by individual donors like you. Please support our research.