Would Better Medical Evidence Lead to Better Health Care?

Fewer than half of medical interventions are supported by scientific evidence. These essays examine the hopes that the recent push for comparative effectiveness research will improve medical care, the fears that it could harm the doctor-patient relationship, and the experiences of states and countries that already put it into practice. To order the essays, please contact John Wiley & Sons customer support at 800-835-6770 or cs-journals@wiley.com.


Table of Contents


The Nesting-Egg Problem: Why Comparative Effectiveness Research is Trickier Than It Looks

Susan Gilbert

The Quality Mantra: Proceed Carefully

Richard Payne

A Tool to Strengthen the Doctor-Patient Relationship

Pauline W. Chen

Define ‘Effective'” The Curious Case of Chronic Cancer

Nancy Berlinger and Anne Lederman Flamm

Lessons from Abroad

Harald Schmidt and Julia Kreis