Addressing Racism in Medical Research & Publishing


Racism and unconscious bias persist in medical research. Given that journalists who write, or aspire to write, about medicine look at journals for story ideas, the editors of those journals have an indispensable role in identifying and eliminating racism in the review and publication of research. What antiracist steps are leading journals taking? What more should be done? What kinds of cues can help journalists recognize racial bias in a research article?

The Role of Choice in Death and Dying in Late Life


In this symposium, we will discuss the changing attitude towards death and dying in late life, bringing together insights from different disciplines, such as sociology, philosophy, (bio)ethics and thanatology. The question will be raised: what is the impact of the growing emphasis on individual choice regarding death and dying on the way we – as individuals and as a society – live towards the end of life?

Is It Possible to Have Healthy People on a Sick Planet?

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How should we work to address climate change and other planetary threats to human health and survival? Our society is built on a global economy that is extractive and destructive, not only to the planet but to people and societies. What is needed to shift to an economic system that does not externalize harm, given...

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