Chimeras (But Don’t Call Them Chimeras): An Introduction to the Ethics & Policy Debate


Josephine Johnston, Director of Research at The Hastings Center, and Dr. Insoo Hyun, Director of the Center for Life Sciences and Public Learning at the Museum of Science in Boston will present, “Chimeras (But Don't Call Them Chimeras): An Introduction to the Ethics and Policy Debate” at the September 15 PRIM&R webinar.

Aging in a Place: Perspectives on the Meanings of “Home” and “Community” from Age-focused Researchers & Practitioners


Everyone ages in some "place," or a series of places. This event will explore the concept of place from the perspectives of housing research, affordable housing development and modification, and dementia-friendly community planning. Our aim is to connect humanistic concepts with socially engaged research and practice on planning and housing for aging societies, to support...

Ethical & Regulatory Considerations in Xenotransplantation Clinical Trials: Patient Selection, Equity in Access, & Wait Listing


The webinar aims to provide participants with the ethical, regulatory, and psychosocial context to address the following questions: - What strategies should be used to minimize clinical trial investigators’ conflict of interest in recruiting patients into xenotransplant clinical trials? - How should potential participants be notified about the option of participating in a xenotransplant clinic...

How I Became Disabled
Virtual Event Virtual Event

Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, Hastings Center senior advisor and fellow, will be speaking on “How I Became Disabled” at The National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and The State University of New York at Buffalo Center for Disability Studies two-day symposium entitled, “Irreducible Subjects: Disability and Genomics in the Past, Present and Future."

Housing & Health Equity for Older Adults: Findings from the COVID-19 RECAPP Report

In addition to its devastating effects on health and mortality, the COVID-19 pandemic produced a complex and interconnected set of social challenges across the US. Older adults living in the community faced social isolation and disruptions in access to food, medical care, and other goods and services during stay-at-home orders. In response, organizations that support...

AI & Health Bioethics Summit


The first Google Health Bioethics Summit 2022 will be hosted in collaboration with The Hastings Center.  This forum will bring together experts from across academia and industry to explore the most pressing ethical issues in artificial intelligence and health care, share knowledge, and build the foundation for the development of standards, policies, and best practices....

Advancing Housing & Health Equity for Older Adults: Learning from Aging in Place Initiatives


In the Covid moment, community-based initiatives throughout the United States pivoted to meet the needs of older adults at home. This virtual event explores the findings of a new report, a collaboration between The Hastings Center and the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard, focusing on perspectives and lessons from diverse initiatives and networks...

Communicating Ethical Challenges in Crises: Bioethics With Bigger Impact


The chaos that enveloped the Covid-19 response and the loss of trust in experts has laid bare the need for a shift in communicating the moral questions that confront our society. Helping the public think through daunting public health issues and understand the reasons for life and death policies is critical – we must communicate...