Toward New Narratives About Aging in Place

Event 4: “Getting What We Want By Investing In What We Need

December 8, 2022 noon EST

Most older Americans want to “age in place,” yet many lack the “place” they need. Land use restrictions or local resistance to affordable, accessible homes stymie efforts to build places that work for people as they age or who have disabilities. Private-market options geared to wealthy adults are not the solution for the typical, moderate-income older American. How do we build consensus around investing in the “place” in aging in place and recognize affordable, accessible homes as community assets?

The authors of a new report from a research collaboration between The Hastings Center and the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard will explore this question with experts in housing policy and in narrative change.

This online-only event is the fourth of a four-part series.

Co-Sponsor(s): The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies


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