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The Promise and Perils of Social and Behavioral Genomics

January 25, 2023 @ 1:00 pm

While many promise that the study of genomic variants can help us better understand ourselves and our world, others are concerned that recent scientific developments have helped fuel the rise of harmful ideologies, such as white supremacy and antisemitism.

The scientific community must consider whether the misappropriation of genetic evidence has played any role in mass casualty events and other forms of extremist violence. The panel will address how the history of scientific racism and eugenics in genetics and genomics may limited the scientific community’s capacity to respond decisively to the misuse and misappropriation of scientific data.

Join a lively discussion of social and behavioral genetics and genomics, its benefits, limitations and potential for misuse. Panelists will discuss strategies for scientists to combat misinformation, disinformation and misuse of scientific findings; and answer audience questions.

National Human Genome Research Institute


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