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The Hastings Center Report explores the ethical, legal, and social issues in medicine, health care, public health, and the life sciences. Six issues are published each year, containing an assortment of essays, columns on legal and policy developments, case studies of issues in clinical care and institutional administration, caregivers’ stories, peer-reviewed scholarly articles, and book reviews.

Authors come from an assortment of professions and academic disciplines and bring a range of perspectives and political opinions. We welcome submissions from new authors. The Report’s readership includes physicians, nurses, scholars of many stripes, administrators, social workers, health lawyers, and others.

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Gregory E. Kaebnick, editor

Laura Haupt, managing editor

Susan Gilbert, contributing editor

Rebecca Dresser, contributing editor

Stephen R. Latham, contributing editor

Nora Porter, art director








Editorial Committee

Nancy Berlinger
Susan Gilbert
Michael K. Gusmano
Laura Haupt
Gregory E. Kaebnick
Carolyn P. Neuhaus
Erik Parens
Tod S. Chambers
Rebecca Dresser
Carl Elliott
Joseph J. Fins
Christine Grady
Brad Gray
Bruce Jennings
Eric Juengst
Hilde Lindemann
Jamie Nelson
Tia Powell
Ilina Singh
Benjamin S. Wilfond

2014 “Impact Factor”: 1.684. Impact factor is a metric produced by Thomson/ISI’s Journal Citation Reports. Impact factor represents the average number of citations a particular article receives. It is sometimes used as a rough and partial proxy of a journal’s competitiveness, quality, and impact on a field’s literature. It can be affected by the journal’s format, by editorial decisions to include shorter commentary and book reviews along with longer articles, by the kinds of topics that the journal tends to feature, and by publication and citation conventions with the journal’s field.
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