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Models of Consent to Return of Incidental Findings in Genomic Research

Paul S. Appelbaum, Erik Parens, Cameron R. Waldman, Robert Klitzman, Abby Fyer, Josue Martinez, W. Nicholson Price II, and Wendy K. Chung

Efficient, Compassionate, and Fractured: Contemporary Care in the ICU

Jeffrey P. Bishop, Joshua E. Perry, and Amanda Hine

Another Voice

Have We Asked Too Much of Consent?

Barbara A. Koenig

Special Reports


Research Misconduct Involving Noncompliance in Human Subjects Research Supported by the Public Health Service: Reconciling Separate Regulatory Systems

Barbara E. Bierer and Mark Barnes, on behalf of the IRB/RIO/IO Working Group


Why Guidance Comes from the Research Community

David E. Wright


The Irregular Terrain of Human Subjects Research Regulations

David Forster, Daniel K. Nelson, David Borasky, and Jeffrey R. Botkin

Ann K. Adams

The Third-Party Notification Dilemma

Sally J. Rockey and Amy P. Patterson

Parallel Processes at the NIH


Public Trust and Institutional Culture

Alexander M. Capron, Elisa A. Hurley, and Amy L. Davis


Field Notes

By and for the people

Naomi Scheinerman


Avoiding a Slippery Slope in PAD

Peter Rogatz


Bad words: Tell Them to the Surrogate

Maurice Bernstein


Public Health Paternalism and Expenditure Harm

J. Paul Kelleher


The Right to Know Genetic Origins: A Harmful Value

Kimberly Leighton


The Author Replies

Vardit Ravitsky



The Need for a Neuroscience ELSI Program

Ronald M. Green

In Practice

Fond of My Patient

David Drummond and Julie Stark

At Law

Death, State by State

Sandra H. Johnson

About the Issue

Rules, Regs, and What's Right

Gregory E. Kaebnick

Case Study

Truly Personalized Medicine?

Lauren B. Smith, Colin R. Cooke, and Edward B. Goldman