Addressing Racism in Medical Research & Publishing


Racism and unconscious bias persist in medical research. Given that journalists who write, or aspire to write, about medicine look at journals for story ideas, the editors of those journals have an indispensable role in identifying and eliminating racism in the review and publication of research. What antiracist steps are leading journals taking? What more should be done? What kinds of cues can help journalists recognize racial bias in a research article?

Can AI Improve Health Care for Everyone?


Fast-moving developments in artificial intelligence have far-reaching implications for caregivers, patients, and the entire healthcare system. Will the introduction of AI systems improve diagnosis, treatment, and research, bringing better and fairer healthcare to all? Or not? Panelists:Dr. Nicol Turner Lee of The Brookings Institute Dr. Danielle Whicher of Mathematica Moderator:Josephine Johnston of The Hastings Center...