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Enduring Relevance, Urgent Need

Hastings Center scholars collaborate with experts worldwide whose remarkable diversity of perspectives contributes to creative problem solving and impact in our field. Our overarching aim? To offer clarity and expert guidance for addressing the most complex bioethics issues of the day. And as we have since 1969, we simultaneously invite the broader public to engage in and help inform this work. As I anticipate stepping down from my leadership role here, I am struck by Hastings’ enduring relevance and the enormously heightened, even urgent, need for what we do. 

Enduring Relevance. Since its inception, The Hastings Center has led work on end-of-life care, human subjects research, genetic developments, costs and equitable health care, disability and flourishing, reproductive issues, and aging. Across these topics, new value conflicts and moral uncertainties continually arise with the emergence of novel technologies, increased focus on ethical issues related to population (in addition to individual) health, and political polarization confronting our society. Your donation fuels our response to today’s rapidly evolving questions in bioethics.

Heightened Need.  Meanwhile, society has never needed what we offer more than it does now. We are up to the challenge! We released The Hastings Center Bioethics Timeline, an historical overview that complements our regularly updated Hastings Center Bioethics Briefings—nonpartisan educational summaries of key issues in bioethics. Our peer-reviewed journals and special reports are powerful yet accessible platforms. We stimulate public engagement on emerging questions through our Hastings Bioethics Forum blog and far-reaching webinar series. Engaging educators, health and legal professionals, other scholars, policy makers, students, journalists, and the broader public, our 2022 Health Equity Summit epitomized the need for Hastings today, reaching thousands of people eager to redress health disparities and build more equitable pathways to health.

As I anticipate completing my presidency in May, we all can draw confidence from Hastings’ enduring relevance at this critical time… Relevance made possible by generous financial support from people like you. Please make a gift today and help ensure Hastings’ continued success!

With appreciation,

Mildred Z. Solomon, Ed.D.  

P.S. Speaking of enduring relevance, Hastings has received a legacy challenge grant that unlocks an immediate donation proportional to any new planned gift intentions documented by the Center—including naming us as a beneficiary of your retirement account, directing a bequest to Hastings, etc. Curious? Please contact Ryan Sauder to learn more.