Ethical Issues in the Management of Financial Conflicts of Interest in Biomedical Research

Hastings InvestigatorsThomas H. MurrayDaniel CallahanMary Ann Baily, Angela Wasunna, and Josephine Johnston.

Funder: The Donaghue Foundation

This Center project examined concerns that arise in managing financial conflicts of interest in biomedical research, focusing particularly on the ethical implications of the role of private, for-profit corporations in financing and carrying out research with human subjects. It consisted of an interdisciplinary group with expertise in bioethics, medical research, medicine, law, business, economics, and the financing and administration of research in public and private settings. The project clarified the ethical issues; analyzed and critiqued academic, professional and government guidelines for conflict management; and developed recommendations to inform public and private policies regarding conflicts. A product of this project is a book, Trust and Integrity in Biomedical Research.