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    Susan Gilbert, Director of Communications

    845-424-4040 x244

    Susan Gilbert has been the director of communications since 2016. Previously, she was the public affairs and communications manager. Before joining The Hastings Center in 2007, she was a freelance writer and an editorial consultant specializing in health and medicine. She was a frequent contributor to The New York Times Science section and a consultant to Harvard Health Publications. Earlier, she was an editor of The New York Times Good Health Magazine and Science Digest. Gilbert is the author of A Field Guide to Boys and Girls (HarperCollins, 2000) and coauthor of The Harvard Medical School Guide to Optimal Memory (McGraw-Hill, 2005) and Children’s Hospital Guide to Your Child’s Health and Development (Perseus 2001). Her articles have appeared in numerous publications, including Scientific American, Redbook, Parenting, and Forbes. She has received two awards from the American Medical Writers Association.