Narrative Ethics: The Role of Stories in Bioethics

Editor: Martha Montello

What “narrative ethics” means and how it changes clinical ethics practice has been controversial. Its proponents are agreed, however, that it is an alternative approach to “doing ethics,” and indeed may reflect a different way of understanding moral thinking. In this special report, ten leading figures in narrative ethics offer their perspectives. To order the full report, please contact John Wiley & Sons customer support at 800-835-6770 or


Table of Contents



It’s all in the stories
Martha Montello


Narrative Ethics
Martha Montello

Narrative Ethics: A Narrative
Howard Brody and Mark Clark

Qualms of a Believer in Narrative Ethics
Christine Mitchell

Narrative Ethics as Dialogical Story-Telling
Arthur W. Frank

Narrative Reciprocity
Rita Charon

Narratives Hold Open the Future
Jodi Halpern

When Stories Go Wrong
Hilde Lindemann

Narrative Ethics, Narrative Structure
Anne Hudson Jones

Narrative Awareness in Ethics Consultations: The Ethics Consultant as Story-Maker
Larry Churchill

What We talk about When We Talk about Ethics
John D. Lantos