Festival of Genomics

Date: November 3-5, 2015

An event to define the future of genomics…

The Festival of Genomics is a celebration of the transformational science of our age. If you’re a scientist, industry leader or clinician and share our aim of delivering the benefits of genomics to patients faster, this is the event that connects the dots.
Just a few of our 100+ speakers:

• Industry: Lorenz Mayr, AstraZeneca Innovative Medicines and Early Development & Joel Klappenbach, Merck Research Laboratories
• Clinical : Robert Nussbaum, UCSF School of Medicine & Tom Fowler, Genomics England
• Academia: Jennifer Doudna of University of California & Karen Nelson of J. Craig Venter Institute
• Plus patient stories

Investigate our 4 talk streams:
• Genome Editing: The latest on CRISPR therapeutics and the ethics of genome editing
• Genome Analysis: Covering cutting edge NGS including single cell analysis
• Genomic Medicine: Overcoming the lag between technology and the clinic
• Data Analysis: Tackling the need to match analysis with the rate of sequencing

All from $150 for 2 Packed Days + $100 per workshop (Book before 31st July as prices are going up!)

Contact Name: Eleanor Rogers

Contact Email: eleanor@frontlinegenomcis.com

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