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    Udo Schuklenk

    • A Study That Should Not Have Been Done

      Posted on May 5, 2010

      The New England Journal of Medicine in February published the results of a deeply flawed clinical trial in South Africa. The SAPIT (Starting Antiretroviral Therapy at Three Points in Tuberculosis Therapy) trial was designed to determine the most effective way to treat patients infected with HIV and tuberculosis. But it raises a number of disturbing… Read more

    • Why Some HIV Transmissions Should Be Punished

      Posted on October 31, 2008

      The Canadian legal system is currently bracing for another case in which a man is prosecuted for allegedly infecting multiple unsuspecting women with the HIV virus who had unprotected sexual intercourse with him. Two of these women have died of AIDS. Various other cases have successfully been prosecuted, usually involving men who knew they were… Read more