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Hastings Center News

Nominate Physicians and Nurses for Outstanding End-of-Life Care

Nominations are open for awards that recognize six physicians and two nurses for providing outstanding care to patients nearing the end of life. The awards are given by The Hastings Center and the Cunniff-Dixon Foundation. Nomination deadline is Monday, January 31.

The Hastings Center Cunniff-Dixon Physician Awards

These longstanding awards recognize five exemplary physicians: one senior physician, one in mid-career, and three in early-career. The awards consist of $25,000 each for the senior and mid-career physicians and $15,000 each for the early-career physicians. Criteria for the physician awards are here. Nominate a senior, mid-career, and early-career physician.

Dr. Richard Payne Palliative Care Leadership Award

This new $25,000 award honors a physician who demonstrates strong leadership in palliative care for underserved populations. Criteria for this award are included in the criteria for the physician awards. Nominate a physician for the Richard Payne Palliative Care Leadership Award.

Nursing Awards

These new awards honor two nurses. One of them is for a nurse providing outpatient or inpatient care and the other is for a nurse working in hospice or home care. The awards are $25,000 each. Criteria for the nursing awards are here. Nominate a nurse.