IRB: Ethics & Human Research

Practical Considerations for Implementing Research Recruitment Etiquette

Recruitment is a critical step in the process of implementing a study. We suggest that the process of participant recruitment is more than a procedural research step because it is integral to the ethics of research, the quality of science, and the success of future research studies. Specifically, we highlight a concept underemphasized in research literature—recruitment etiquette. We also focus on the challenges of, and need for, obtaining a study participant sample that is socioeconomically, racially, and ethnically diverse, as is often required for good quality science. In this article, we discuss the existing literature and present our experiences with recruitment in outpatient clinics to illustrate the importance of recruitment etiquette. We also propose practical recommendations for recruitment that build upon this concept.

Gyure ME, Quillin JM, Rodríguez VM, et al. Practical considerations for implementing research recruitment etiquette. IRB: Ethics & Human Research 2014;36(6):7-12.