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Ethical & Regulatory Considerations in Xenotransplantation Clinical Trials: Patient Selection, Equity in Access, & Wait Listing

September 29, 2022 @ 2:00 pm 3:00 pm EDT

The webinar aims to provide participants with the ethical, regulatory, and psychosocial context to address the following questions:

– What strategies should be used to minimize clinical trial investigators’ conflict of interest in recruiting patients into xenotransplant clinical trials?

– How should potential participants be notified about the option of participating in a xenotransplant clinic trial?

– What are appropriate patient-provided reasons for participating in a xenotransplant clinical trial?

– What constitutes equitable access to participating in xenotransplantation clinical trials? How can the transplant community ensure equitable access to xenotransplantation clinical trials?

– What kinds of novel psychosocial experiences will pig xenotransplant recipients encounter post-transplant? What are the optimal ways for the transplant team, particularly, transplant social workers and psychologists, to counsel recipients on their experiences?

– Should xenotransplant recipients of a failed xenotransplant graft receive priority for a human deceased donor organ? Is there any concern for zoonotic infections with repeat immunosuppression induction? Should any extra priority be given because they contributed to the advancement of scientific knowledge?

Sponsored by the American Society of Transplantation Psychosocial and Ethics Community of Practice. Speakers: Andrew Adams, MD, PhD (University of Minnesota), Henry Silverman, MD, PhD (University of Maryland), Brendan Parent, JD (New York University), Moderator: Karen J. Maschke, PhD (The Hastings Center).

American Society of Transplantation Psychosocial and Ethics Community of Practice


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