Illustrative image for Care Transitions in Aging Societies Singapore Casebook 2nd Edition

Care Transitions in Aging Societies: Singapore Casebook, 2nd Edition

Hastings Center Investigators: Nancy Berlinger and Michael Gusmano

Funder: Lien Foundation

The aim of this project was for The Hastings Center, The Ethox Centre at Oxford University, and the Centre for Biomedical Ethics at the Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore to develop an innovative web-based casebook that focuses on ethical challenges of caring for people in an aging society. The casebook, Caring for Older People in an Ageing Society, launched in 2017, is geared to those who provide community-based care to frail or chronically ill people living at home, in a family member’s home, or in a nursing home. It includes fictional cases along with ethics commentaries, clinical perspectives, reflection and discussion questions, and other resources. The new  casebook is the second edition of a casebook that this group produced in 2014, Making Difficult Decisions with Patients and Families: A Singapore Casebook.