A Hastings Center Seminar

Human Genetic Engineering:
What Can We Do?

What Should We Do?

Hastings Scholar Josephine Johnston, LLB, MBHL

Wednesday OCT 19

6:00 pm reception
7:00 lecture & Q&A discussion
21 Malcolm Gordon Road
Garrison, NY 10524


In December 2015, an international group of scientists called for a moratorium on making heritable changes to the human genome.  The group had convened to discuss recent advances in genetic engineering, particularly a new method for deleting, adding or editing genes called CRISPR-Cas9.  In addition to raising concerns about the safety of gene editing in humans, the group called for development of a broad societal consensus about the appropriateness of making permanent changes to the human genome.

The Hastings Center invites you to join us for a fascinating talk by our Director of Research, Josephine Johnston, about new methods for altering the human genome and the social and policy debate these scientific advances have triggered.  Ms. Johnston, a New Zealand-trained lawyer with a master’s degree in bioethics, is an expert on the ethical, legal, and policy implications of biomedical technologies, particularly as used in human reproduction, psychiatry, genetics, and neuroscience. She is interviewed frequently by the media, appearing in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Wired, and on ABC’s “Nightline.”

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Introduction by Hastings President Mildred Solomon

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Lecture and discussion led by Hastings Scholar Josephine Johnston

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