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Support Our Work

Please support our work. The COVID-19 pandemic raises pressing ethical issues at the intersection of health, science, and technology. Your gifts allow our Scholars to pivot nimbly toward the urgency of now. The stakes have never been higher. Our experts are responding quickly yet thoughtfully on topics such as ethical guidelines for health care institutions, the rationing of ventilators and other life-saving medical equipment, the need for a stronger federal response to the crisis, and a cross-cutting commitment to protecting those most vulnerable during this crisis. Founded over 50 years ago, The Hastings Center is the only independent bioethics research institute in the nation. That status—and our ability to identify key challenges, speak frankly, and work with other experts around the world to create novel recommendations for ethical practice—comes at a cost. Your gift will help us help society ensure just and compassionate health care for everyone and the wise use of emerging technologies…during this pandemic and far beyond.

The Hastings Center has never shied away from the toughest ethical challenges faced by society.



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