The Genetics of Intelligence

Editors: Erik Parens and Paul S. Appelbaum

A team of researchers approached the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University with a request for access to records concerning participants in CTY’s Study of Exceptional Talent; the researchers wanted to ask those individuals to share samples of their DNA. CTY’s dilemma about whether to grant this access raised larger questions about the ethics of research into the genetics of intelligence. This special report—written by a diverse group of stakeholders, including people who have been highly critical of such research and people who engage in it—explores these complex and important questions. The report considers, among other questions, what conducting trustworthy research into the genetics of intelligence would entail, whether such research can lead to beneficial educational interventions for all students, and whether this research can ever be socially “neutral.” The introduction is available for free. To order the full report, please contact John Wiley & Sons customer support at 800-835-6770 or


Table of Contents

An Introduction to Thinking about Trustworthy Research into the Genetics of Intelligence (free)
Erik Parens and Paul S. Appelbaum

Why Is Studying the Genetics of Intelligence So Controversial?
James Tabery

The Trustworthiness Deficit in Postgenomic Research on Human Intelligence
Sarah S. Richardson

General Intelligence (g): Overview of a Complex Construct and Its Implications for Genetics Research
Jonathan A. Plucker and Amy L. Shelton

Classical and Molecular Genetic Research on General Cognitive Ability
Matt McGue and Irving I. Gottesman

Genetic Prediction
Eric Turkheimer

Can Genetics Research Benefit Educational Interventions for All?
Kathryn Asbury

What Does Behavioral Genetics Offer for Improving Education?
Aaron Panofsky

Can Research on the Genetics of Intelligence Be “Socially Neutral”?
Dorothy Roberts

Taking a Stand: The Genetics Community’s Responsibility for Intelligence Research
Shawneequa L. Callier and Vence L. Bonham

Trustworthy Research Institutions: The Challenging Case of Studying the Genetics of Intelligence
Josephine Johnston, Mohini P. Banerjee, Gail Geller

Obligations and Concerns of an Organization Like the Center for Talented Youth
Elaine Hansen, Stuart Gluck, and Amy L. Shelton