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    Barron H. Lerner, M.D., Ph.D

    • How I Learned Bioethics in Medical School

      Posted on May 28, 2014

      The director of the medical intensive care unit did not like the idea of having a bioethicist around. But she agreed to the request, and there he was on rounds, most mornings for several months. The year was 1986. I was an intern at the time and my four-week medical intensive care unit rotation at… Read more

    • Fox and Stem Cells: Part of a Long History

      Posted on November 22, 2006

      The recent ruckus over Michael J. Fox’s advocacy of stem cell research has emphasized his supposed use of illness for political gain. Conservative critic Rush Limbaugh went so far as to accuse Fox of exaggerating his symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in pursuit of his political cause. But lost in this controversy are a series of… Read more