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    Hilde Lindemann, PhD

    • From Jackie and Me: A Plea for Opt-Out Organ Donation

      Posted on July 14, 2015

      Three weeks ago, my dear friend Jackie, a internationally recognized bioethicist in her fifties who lives in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, went to bed with what she thought was a bad case of flu. A few days later she was really ill, and her partner and another dear friend persuaded her to go to an emergency care clinic.… Read more

    • Prenatal Dex: Update and Omnibus Reply

      Posted on March 18, 2010

      Our Bioethics Forum essay from a little over a month ago has already spawned three further essays. So we’ve asked the editors to indulge us in this single reply and update. To recap, in early February, we called upon scholars in bioethics and allied disciplines to join with us in expressing concern over the possible experimentation… Read more

    • Fetal Cosmetology

      Posted on February 8, 2010

      There’s a common misperception that, now that the Johns Hopkins psychologist John Money is gone, so are all the ethical problems with the way people with genital anomalies are treated. Not so. You may recall that Money lied about the life of his patient David Reimer (known as “John/Joan”), who as a baby had been… Read more

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