IRB: Ethics & Human Research

Struggling with the Dilemma of Exploitation in the Developing World

Researchers appear to take unfair advantage of those who live in the developing world by using placebo-controlled trials to test the efficacy of drugs. This type of trial would not be permitted in developed countries, since in these countries treatment is available for the conditions that the drugs aim to treat. But if researchers are required to conduct active-controlled trials, the cost of doing research would increase, making research in developing countries inefficient and robbing these countries of the benefits of participation. Contributors to Exploitation and Developing Countries, edited by Jennifer S. Hawkins and Ezekiel J. Emanuel, try to balance these concerns
Lynn A. Jansen, “Struggling with the Dilemma of Exploitation in the Developing World,” IRB: Ethics & Human Research 31, no. 4 (2009): 16.