Forward and Outward…Together

Dear Friend of The Hastings Center,

As I sit down to write this note, let me first share how honored I am to serve as the new president of The Hastings Center. It is a privilege to succeed president emerita Mildred Z. Solomon in leading this renowned independent and nonpartisan organization. Our success over the last half century is largely attributable to the philanthropic support of generous people like you.

During the first weeks of my tenure, I am listening and learning, inviting a wide array of voices to help inform how The Hastings Center should set priorities in addressing the myriad ethical challenges accompanying advances in health, science, and technology. Developments in areas such as artificial intelligence, climate change, neuroscience, and genetic research, as well as bioethical issues related to racism, poverty, misinformation, mental health, incarceration, aging, and other pressing topics, all warrant deep conceptual analysis accompanied by concrete recommendations from trusted organizations like Hastings.

In an essay in the current issue of the Hastings Center Report, I offer an initial vision for approaching this important work. The essay proposes a blueprint that prioritizes the common good, human flourishing, global solidarity, and impact as essential to the continued success of bioethics, especially given the many challenges we face in today’s world. I hope this vision sparks inclusive dialogue, healthy debate, and thoughtful critique. Collective wisdom, creativity, and foresight will illuminate a strategic path forward and outward, one that positions The Hastings Center—and bioethics as a field—to address society’s biggest challenges even more effectively. 

This is a critical time for the Center and for bioethics more broadly. Our polarized world needs bioethics, bioethics needs The Hastings Center, and The Hastings Center needs you. With 50% of our annual revenue coming from donors, we quite literally can’t succeed without your generosity. Will you help by making a gift today?

Thank you for your consideration and for being a valued friend and partner of The Hastings Center.

With warm regards,

Vardit Ravitsky

President and CEO

P.S. Speaking of the future, Hastings received a legacy challenge grant that, for a limited time, unlocks an immediate donation proportional to any new planned gift intentions documented by the Center—including naming us as a beneficiary of your retirement account, directing a bequest to Hastings, etc. Please contact Ryan Sauder to learn more.