New in Ethics & Human Research, November-December 2021 Issue: Pregnant Participants in Research

Institutional review boards can be inconsistent and can lack transparency in decision-making. In this issue of Ethics & Human Research, Andrea Seykora, Director of Public Policy and Legal Affairs at Oregon Association of Hospitals & Health Systems and colleagues describe a pilot project to summarize IRB decisions in a way that could facilitate their use as precedent by creating a documentation tool that meets four criteria—comprehensiveness, validity, searchability, and efficiency. Also in this issue, physicians’ perspectives on including pregnant women in Covid-19 trials; scientists’ views on CRISPR’s translational promise; and an approach for planned research in emergency settings using a single IRB.

Steps toward a System of IRB Precedent: Piloting Approaches to Summarizing IRB Decisions for Future Use

Andrea Seykora, Carl Coleman, Stephen J. Rosenfeld, Barbara E. Bierer, Holly Fernandez Lynch

Physician Perspectives on Including Pregnant Women in Covid-19 Clinical Trials: Time for a Paradigm Change

Marie-Julie Trahan, Annabelle Cumyn, Matthew P. Cheng, Emily G. McDonald, Stephen E. Lapinsky, Nick Daneman, Haim A. Abenhaim, Isabelle Malhamé 

How Scientists Perceive CRISPR’s Translational Promise and the Implications for Individuals with Genetic Conditions

Jodi Halpern, Sharon E. O’Hara, Aleksa L. Owen, David Paolo

Ann R. Johnson, Lisa M. Rigtrup, John VanBuren, Erin Rothwell, J. Michael Dean

Table of contents of the November-December 2021 Ethics & Human Research:

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