MEDIA ADVISORY: 5-16-13 Ethical Dilemmas Raised by New Stem Cell Research

Hastings Center Scholar Available to Discuss Ethical Dilemmas Raised by Creation of First Human Embryonic Stem Cells Through Cloning
The report yesterday that scientists in Oregon had created the first human embryonic stem cells through cloning renewed hopes for the development of stem cell therapies for degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease, but it also posed ethical concerns. Josephine Johnston, a Hastings Center scholar who studies assisted human reproduction and genetics, is available to comment on the ethical implications of the research, including:
  • the prospect of reproductive cloning, creating genetic copies of individual humans, living or deceased
  • the destruction of a human embryo to extract stem cells
  • payment to women to donate eggs for the research

Reporters who would like to interview Josephine Johnston should contact Cameron Waldman, research assistant, The Hastings Center,, (845) 424 4040 x 229.