Hastings Center Partners on AI Project Led by National Academies

June 21, 2023 – The National Academy of Medicine (NAM) is partnering with a group of leading health, bioethics, equity, tech, patient advocacy, and research organizations, including The Hastings Center, to develop an Artificial Intelligence Code of Conduct (AICC).

Dr. Vardit Ravitsky, incoming president of The Hastings Center, who will serve on the steering committee, said, “we must urgently develop guidance for the ethical use of AI – perhaps the most transformative technology of our generation.”  Ravitsky is also a Principal Investigator on two Bridge2AIresearch projects funded by the National Institutes of Health that expand the use of AI in biomedical and behavioral research.

Commenting on the AICC, the NAM’s Dr. Michael McGinnis said: “Involving these accomplished national leaders from across the U.S. is essential for creation of a harmonized, broadly adopted AI Code of Conduct, as well as for development of the national architecture that promotes the equitable and responsible use of AI. This collaborative effort will help ensure that the application of health AI is based on the best science, and is consistent with ethical principles and societal values in pursuit of effectiveness, efficiency, and equity for all members of society.”

Stewarded by the NAM Leadership Consortium (LC), as AI is poised for a profound impact throughout the health field, the effort is a direct response to the growing call for a harmonized set of AI guidelines that can facilitate interoperable governance standards for its development and application. The NAM AI Code of Conduct initiative will draw from and build upon related work, including pathbreaking efforts of the Coalition for Health AI (CHAI). In this respect, it will aim to clarify roles and responsibilities of the many stakeholders on issues of privacy, ethics, equity, accountability, and applicability, at each stage of the AI lifecycle. The Code of Conduct will represent a “best practice” framework, subject to testing, validation, and improvement as the technology and the ability to effectively govern it progresses. 

Under the strategic guidance of a multi-faceted AICC Steering Committee—comprised of ethics and equity experts, care delivery systems, tech companies, patient advocates, researchers, and payers—the NAM project will describe a national strategy for broad adoption of the harmonized Code of Conduct and describe a national architecture and priority actions to support and advance responsible AI in health, medical care, and health research. 

The NAM AI Code of Conduct initiative will be developed with significant stakeholder and public input—an open process from the outset. NAM will organize informational gatherings and collaborative events and activities which will be used to inform the Code of Conduct. The goal is that the Code and national health care AI architecture be widely adopted, translated for implementation by various stakeholders, and continuously improved to realize AI’s enormous promise. 

The Hastings Center is a global leader in ethics research, and as an independent organization, it pursues society’s most controversial ethical issues at the intersection of health, science, and technology. Center research scholars explore pressing, timely issues related to two broad themes: just and compassionate care for people of all ages and wise use of emerging technologies. 

For more information on the project, please visit: https://nam.edu/programs/value-science-driven-health-care/health-care-artificial-intelligence-code-of-conduct

For more information on the Bridge2AI program, please visit: https://commonfund.nih.gov/bridge2ai

Contact: communications@thehastingscenter.org