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Today we confront a crucial moment. COVID-19 has changed daily life for all of us. Efforts to identify and treat the infected, re-open our nation and others, and pursue effective therapies while developing vaccines all raise pressing ethical issues. Society needs bioethics to help chart the best path forward. Now more than ever.

Buoyed by generous donations from people like you, The Hastings Center is responding to COVID in real time and across multiple fronts:

  • Our bioethics experts are shaping COVID-related knowledge, policy, and practice worldwide, as reflected by our In the Media roundup.
  • We launched Hastings Re-Opening the Nation, a live webinar series through which Hastings Scholars join other experts for deep interdisciplinary  and timely ethical analysis accessible to all.
  • The non-partisan Hastings Bioethics Forum is abuzz with COVID-related bioethics debate.

As an independent research center, we are free to pursue the tough questions through scholarship and public engagement. We are experts at engaging stakeholders with diverse perspectives and building connections across deep divides, a true rarity in these politically contentious times. Your donation will help us leverage these strengths to confront the ethical challenges of today.

Our public impact has never been greater. But with your help, we can do even more. Please make a gift to The Hastings Center today.

Thank you for your interest in The Hastings Center. Take good care of you and yours!

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