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Health Care Quality Improvement: Ethical and Regulatory Issues


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Edited by Bruce Jennings, Mary Ann Baily, Melissa Bottrell, and Joanne Lynn

This new edited volume is a collection of original papers providing in-depth discussion of important ethical and regulatory aspects of quality improvement.

How does QI differ from research? What duty do physicians, nurses, and health administrators have to initiate and participate in sound QI activities? What is the responsibility of patients to cooperate with them? What practical strategies for QI management and oversight could clinicians and managers use to ensure that QI does not harm patients, that improvement activities respect privacy, and that all involved stay accountable for their actions?

This edited volume will stand for some time as the definitive primary source for scholarly commentary on how to manage QI ethically, and how to manage the troublesome interface with research ethics. The contributors are a remarkable group of respected and insightful authors from diverse backgrounds.

A free copy of the edited volume Health Care Quality Improvement: Ethical and Regulatory Issues can be downloaded here.

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$30 each for 1-9 copies
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Prices do not include shipping. Include $3.50 for first copy, $.50 for each additional copy. To purchase hard copies of this edited volume, contact our Circulation Department at 845-424-4040 ext. 234.  Contact publications@thehastingscenter.org for bulk shipping discount information.

Also Available
Special Report: The Ethics of Using QI Methods to Improve Health Care Quality and Safety 

This Special Report was published in the July/August 2006 issue of The Hastings Center Report. This special report presents recommendations and ethical justifications based on the deliberations of a distinguished group of experts in ethics, quality improvement, and health policy and regulation.

A free copy of The Ethics of Using QI Methods to Improve Health Care Quality and Safety can be downloaded here.

To purchase a hard copy of this special report visit our Special Reports page for pricing information.  Contact our Circulation Department at 845-424-4040 ext. 234 to place an order.


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