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What does it mean to be a good parent in the genomic age?

How should we improve end-of-life care?

What should a just health system offer its patients?

Should we change the human germline?

What is the right relationship between humans and nature?


Mildred Z. Solomon, President

Mildred Solomon has an international reputation for her research on, and advocacy for, wiser health care and science policy. In addition to her leadership role at The Hastings Center, she is a professor at Harvard Medical School, where she directs the school’s Fellowship in Bioethics, a program that builds the bioethics capacity of the Harvard… Read more

Hastings Center Event: Recreating the Wild

Hastings Center scholar Gregory Kaebnick discusses whether we can, and if so, whether we should, recreate extinct species using genetic techniques. This is an excerpt of a talk he gave about a recent Hastings Center special report, Recreating the Wild: De-extinction, technology, and the ethics of conservation. The full talk can be seen here:

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