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Interpreting Neuroimages: An Introduction to the Technology and Its Limits

Neuroimaging report coverNeuroimages—depictions of the structure of the brain and of changes that occur within the brain as people have sensations, thoughts, and feelings—are increasingly important in biomedical research and are also used in medicine, in courtrooms, and in everyday discussions about what people are—what it means to be a person or to be free, for example. Neuroimages are certainly visually arresting. What do they really tell us?

Guest editors: Josephine Johnston and Erik Parens



Neuroimaging: Beginning to Appreciate Its Complexities (free)

Erik Parens and Josephine Johnston

Both neuroscientists and nonexperts should aim to be clear about how neuroimages are made and what they can—and cannot—tell us.



Functional Neuroimaging: Technical, Logical, and Social Perspectives (free)

Geoffrey K. Aguirre

There are limits to the information that neuroimaging can—or ever could—convey.


Brain Images, Babies, and Bath Water: Critiquing Critiques of Functional Neuroimaging (free)

Martha J. Farah

In some cases, the criticisms of neuroimages have been overextended in ways that are inaccurate or misleading.


Neuroimaging and Psychiatry: The Long Road from Bench to Bedside (free)

Helen S. Mayberg

Neuroimaging has implications for psychiatric diagnosis, treatment, and risk assessment, but it is mostly not ready for use in clinical psychiatry.


Seeing Responsibility: Can Neuroimaging Teach Us Anything about Moral and Legal Responsibility? (free)

David Wasserman and Josephine Johnston

Although neuroscience may point toward determinism, the concepts of moral and legal responsi­bility are likely to be modulated rather than discarded.



Living with the Ancient Puzzle (free)

Erik Parens

Neuroimaging can help explain how experiences arise in human beings, but cannot by itself let us understand what it means to be a human being.




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