About IRB: Ethics & Human Research

IRB: Ethics & Human Research explores issues in research with human subjects, including findings and analyses of empirical studies. Six issues are published each year, containing scholarly articles and columns. All submissions are peer-reviewed. We welcome inquiries about submissions. IRB’s readership includes administrators and members of institutional review boards, scholars, and researchers.

IRB: Ethics & Human Research is published in print form only. Subscriptions can be ordered through the Bookstore or from The Hastings Center’s Circulation Department at 21 Malcolm Gordon Road, Garrison, NY 10524; 845-424-4040, extension 234.

Karen J. Maschke, editor
Gregory E. Kaebnick, consulting editor
Laura Haupt, managing editor
Nora Porter, art director

Contributing editors
Robert M. Nelson, MD, PhD, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Joan Rachlin, JD, MPH, Public Responsibility in Medicine & Research
Charles Weijer, MD, PhD, University of Western Ontario
Jeremy Sugarman, MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

Editorial Board
Mark Barnes, JD, LLM, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Rebecca Dresser, JD, Washington University—St. Louis
Christine Grady, PhD, National Institutes of Health
Eric Juengst, PhD, Case Western Reserve University
Bartha Knoppers, LLB, LLD, Université de Montréal
Eric Kodish, MD, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Greg Koski, PhD, MD, Harvard Medical School
Susan Lederer, PhD, Yale University School of Medicine
Robert J. Levine, MD, Yale University School of Medicine (chair)
Ruth Macklin, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Helen McGough, MA, University of Washington
Howard Mann, MD, University of Utah School of Medicine
E. Haavi Morreim, PhD, University of Tennessee
Thomas H. Murray, PhD, The Hastings Center (publisher)
Robert M. Nelson, MD, PhD, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Ernest D. Prentice, PhD, University of Nebraska Medical Center
Joan Sieber, PhD, California State University, East Bay
Martin L. Smith, STD, The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Charles Weijer, MD, PhD, University of Western Ontario

ISSN: 0193-7758
Publisher: The Hastings Center

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