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Connecting American Values with Health Reform

American Values coverIn this essay set, eleven authors each examine a different foundational value, and what its policy implications are if we take it seriously. In an introduction, Hastings Center president Thomas H. Murray writes, "Core American values, rather than existing in ineluctable tension with one another, form a sturdy, mutually reinforcing foundation for health reform. Universal participation may be a concept whose time has finally come." And, in a letter endorsing the essays, former U.S. Senator and current New Jersey Governor Jon S. Corzine writes, "Health care policy is often described as an arena of intense partisan and ideological division. But there are also important areas of consensus that reflect agreement about some basic, core values. Health care reform will be most successful if it draws on these common values."

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Table of Contents

LIBERTY: Free and Equal
Bruce Jennings

JUSTICE AND FAIRNESS: Mandating Universal Participation
Paul T. Menzel

Jim Sabin

SOLIDARITY: Unfashionable, But Still American
William M. Sage

MEDICAL PROGRESS: Unintended Consequences
Daniel Callahan

PRIVACY: Rethinking Health Information Technology and Informed Consent
Lawrence O. Gostin

Edmund D. Pellegrino

QUALITY: Where It Came From and Why It Matters
Frank Davidoff

EFFICIENCY: Getting Clear on Our Goals
Marc J. Roberts

HEALTH: The Value at Stake
Erika Blacksher

STEWARDSHIP: What Kind of Society Do We Want?
Len M. Nichols

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