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Henry Knowles Beecher Award

Henry Knowles BeecherThe Center’s Henry Knowles Beecher Award recognizes individuals who have made a lifetime contribution to ethics and the life sciences and whose careers have been devoted to excellence in scholarship, research, and ethical inquiry.  Recipients are nominated by a committee of The Hastings Center’s Fellows, an elected group of eminent scholars, and approved by the Board of Directors. The award is named after the first recipient, the late Henry Knowles Beecher, MD, a distinguished physician in the field of anesthesiology who, in the 1960’s, courageously shed light on ethically questionable practices in human subjects research. By those actions, Dr. Beecher helped give birth to the field of bioethics and became one of its pioneers.

Recipients of the Henry Knowles Beecher Award


  • Renee C. Fox, PhD, 2015

  • Ruth Macklin, PhD, 2014

  • Robert M. Veatch, PhD, 2013 
  • Thomas H. Murray, PhD, 2012
  • Solomon R. Benatar, MBChB, DSc (Med) and Ren-Zong Qiu, 2011 
  • Tom L. Beauchamp, PhD and James F. Childress, PhD, 2010
  • Alexander M. Capron, LLB, 2009
  • Joanne Lynn, MD, MS, MA,  2008
  • Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD, MACP, 2003
  • Alastair V. Campbell, MA, BD, ThD, 1999
  • Raanan Gillon, MB, BS, FRCP, 1999
  • K. Danner Clouser, PhD, 1996
  • Sissela Bok, PhD, 1996
  • Jay Katz, MD, 1993
  • Daniel Callahan, PhD, 1989
  • Willard Gaylin, MD, 1989
  • Richard A. McCormick, SJ, 1988
  • Robert S. Morison, MD, 1984
  • Paul Ramsey, PhD, 1981
  • Joseph Fletcher, STD, 1981
  • Hans Jonas, PhD, 1978
  • Henry Knowles Beecher, MD, 1976


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