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Challenges Conducting Multicenter Translational Research: Promoting Adherence to Childhood Obesity Guidelines

Multicenter clinical trials are necessary for translational science and commonplace for evaluating the effectiveness and generalizability of health care interventions; however, conducting them is cumbersome, time consuming, and labor intensive because most study sites typically require their institutional review board (IRB) to review and approve the study protocol, consent form, and other recruitment materials as well as to manage the continuing review process for the research at their site. In this paper, we describe the processes, challenges, and barriers in conducting translational science research involving a 24-site comparative effectiveness trial. The study aims to train 24 school-based health center providers located in six states on the current guidelines for obesity care and motivational interviewing. We provide insights and suggestions for other multicenter translational science studies based on our experience with the IRB review process for the study and in enrolling a nationally representative sample of participating school-based health centers and providers at those organizations.

Bonnie Gance-Cleveland, Danielle Dandreaux, Heather Aldrich, and Rabah Kamal. “Challenges Conducting Multicenter Translational Research: Promoting Adherence to Childhood Obesity Guidelines.” IRB: Ethics and Human Research 2015;37(1):6-11.

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