Illustrative image for FAQs on Human Genomic Studies Submission Guidelines

FAQs on Human Genomic Studies Submission Guidelines

This guide helps authors submitting materials to “FAQs on Human Genomic Studies”  and outlines basic criteria for inclusion in the repository. Have a question? Contact the editorial team via

Required criteria for inclusion of FAQs  are that entries:

  • Cater to an interdisciplinary audience and are written in clear, accessible language for non-domain experts
  • Pertain to relevant and original scientific research that are of scientific importance in human genetics/genomics
  • Aid in the socially and ethically responsible communication of genetic and genomic studies

The editorial team will favorably consider whether submissions relate to studies that have been accepted for publication in established peer-reviewed journals and journals that have affiliations with professional organizations such as the Behavior Genetics Association, American Psychological Association, or American Society for Human Genetics. This does not disqualify materials that accompany pre-prints. FoGS invites and has previously included pre-print entries.

Authors will be asked to submit a copy of their FAQ (via PDF or online link), an accompanying publication or preprint if available (via PDF or online link), and any relevant links for inclusion in the FAQ (e.g., research consortium website). Authors will also be asked to share no more than five key findings/points about their submission. Note that these key findings/points may be subject to editorial revisions – any revisions will be shared with and approved by FAQ authors prior to publication. Please list the corresponding author.

Submissions can be made via and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Submissions will be acknowledged upon receipt and authors will be notified of a decision by email. Note that the repository will be updated quarterly (January, April, July, October).