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Jan 09 HCR coverThe Hastings Center Report is a bi-monthly journal that promotes incisive and balanced inquiry into the ethical issues in health, medicine, and the environment. It includes essays, commentary, original scholarly articles, and occasional Special Reports.

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IRB: Ethics & Human Research

IRB coverIRB: Ethics and Human Research is a bi-monthly journal featuring scholarly articles, case studies, and special columns that probe the ethical issues confronting investigators, participants, members of institutional review boards, research administrators, and others involved in research with human subjects.

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Bioethics Forum

Bioethics ForumBioethics Forum, the blog of the Hastings Center Report, provides smart, graceful, probing commentary on topical issues in bioethics - patient care, health policy, medical science and research, biotechnology, the beginnings and endings of life, and environment and health.


Over 65

A blog by and for seniors seeking solutions to health care and security.

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Health Care Cost Monitor

Health Care Cost MonitorThe Health Care Cost Monitor provided commentary and opinion on cost control as part of the implementation of health care reform and in the broader context of assessing national priorities. It is no longer active, but an archive of posts remains.


Books and Monographs

Reprogenetics: Law, Policy, and Ethical IssuesResearch at The Hastings Center frequently leads to collections of essays, single-authored books, and other reports and monographs. Over the years, these publications have provided some of the touchstones of scholarship in bioethics. Many of the collections of essays that emerge from the Center's research projects are published by Georgetown University Press in the series "Hastings Center Studies in Ethics."


Special Reports

SR Jan-Feb 08Research at The Hastings Center also frequently leads to Special Reports published in the Hastings Center Report. Recent Special Reports have covered such topics as patient safety, palliative care, genetic research, and international medicine. They may be single-authored or collections of essays prepared by members of project working group.

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