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Presidential Scholars and Senior Advisors

  • Randall L. Owen, MS, MSc, PA-C Presidential Scholar in Health Care and Technology

    Randall L. Owen is the Presidential Scholar of Health Care and Technology for 2017-2018. He brings an engineering and clinical background to ongoing projects at The Hastings Center, focusing on the intersection of technology, health care, and bioethics. He recently completed the Bioethics Fellowship at Harvard Medical School where he began developing his interests in… Read more

  • Zachary E. Shapiro, JD, MSc Presidential Scholar of Law

    Zachary E. Shapiro contributes a legal orientation to ongoing projects at The Hastings Center, focusing on the intersection of law, neuroscience, and bioethics. He graduated from Harvard Law School cum laude in 2016, pursuing his interests in law, ethics, and biomedicine. His scholarship in law school concerned the use of functional neuroimaging in lie detection,… Read more

  • Zachary A. Zalewski, Ph.D Presidential Scholar of Law

    Zachary Zalewski has had extensive training in both biological science and law. His primary interest is to promote sound research policy, especially with respect to next-generation genome sequencing and targeted genomic editing. He seeks to intersect the law and empirical science with bioethical issues that reach both. Zachary is a third-year law student at Case… Read more

  • Rosemary Gibson, M.S. Senior Advisor

    Rosemary Gibson writes and lectures about health care, health care reform, Medicare, and patient safety.  She led national health care quality and and safety initiatives at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. She was chief architect of the foundation’s decade-long strategy that successfully established palliative care in more than 1,600 hospitals in the United States. She… Read more


  • Bruce Jennings, M.A. Senior Advisor

    Bruce Jennings is a political scientist whose research spans a wide range of subjects, including environmental ethics, health policy, and end-of-life care. He is an adjunct associate professor at Vanderbilt University’s Center for Biomedical Ethics and a senior fellow at the Center for Humans and Nature, a nonprofit research center that studies environmental ethics and… Read more


  • Wendell Wallach, M.Ed. Senior Advisor

    Wendell Wallach is an internationally recognized expert on the ethical and governance concerns posed by emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence and neuroscience. He is a consultant, an ethicist, and a scholar at Yale University’s Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics, where he chairs the working research group on technology and ethics. He is co-author (with Colin Allen)… Read more