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Graduate Programs

There are a number of graduate programs to help students and professionals understand the moral problems that arise in medicine and the life sciences. This searchable database from the Association of Bioethics Program Directors contains certificate, master’s degree, doctoral, and fellowship programs. It is produced by a crowdsourcing project sponsored by the association.

The Hastings Center maintains a list of master’s and doctoral programs, with links to the programs, below.  Listings does not constitute an endorsement of these individual programs by The Hastings Center. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this information, but applicants should confirm details with the individual programs.

Graduate programs can submit their listing here.

Master’s Degree Programs in Bioethics

Georgetown University, The Catholic University of America, and the Catholic Healthcare Association of the United States, Certificate in Catholic Clinical Ethics
Master’s Degree in Catholic Clinical Ethics
Stony Brook University
MA in Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics
Creighton University
Online Graduate Program in Health Care Ethics
American University of Sovereign Nations
Masters in Bioethics and Global Public Health (MBGPH)
McGill University
Master of Science/Master of Arts/LL.M. with specialization in Bioethics
The University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Graduate Certificate in Public Health Ethics
University of Toronto
Master of Health Science (MHSc) in Bioethics
Albany Medical College
Alden March Bioethics Institute
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Einstein–Cardozo Masters of Science in Bioethics
Case Western Reserve University
Department of Bioethics
Children’s Mercy Kansas City
Children’s Mercy Bioethics Center
Columbia University, School of Professional Studies
Masters of Science in Bioethics
Drew University
Medical Humanities Program
Duke University
Master or Arts in Bioethics & Science Policy
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh
Center for Healthcare Ethics
Emory University
Center for Ethics
Fordham University
Center for Ethics Education, Master’s in Ethics and Society
Harvard Medical School
Center for Bioethics
Hofstra University
Certificate in Clinical Bioethics
Indiana University
Indiana University Center for Bioethics
Iowa State University
Bioethics Program
Johns Hopkins
Berman Institute of Bioethics
Kansas City University
College of Medicine and Biosciences
Kings College
MA Bioethics & Society
Loma Linda University
Master’s Program in Bioethics
Loyola Marymount University
Bioethics Institute
Loyola University Chicago
Online Graduate Program in Bioethics & Health Policy
Medical College of Wisconsin
Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities
Rush University
Department of Religion, Health, & Human Values
Saint Joseph’s University
Master’s in Health Administration – Health Care Ethics
Temple University
Center for Bioethics, Urban Health, and Policy
The Ohio State University
OSU Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities
OSU College of Medicine
Trinity International University
Clarkson University-Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
University College London (UCL)
MA Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health
University of Louisville
Interdisciplinary Master of Arts in Bioethics and Medical Humanities
University of Leuven (Belgium)
MSc. in Bioethics
University of Montreal
Bioethics Program, School of Public Health
University of Minnesota
Center for Bioethics
University of Pennsylvania
Center for Bioethics
University of Pittsburgh
Center for Bioethics and Health Law
University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry
Division of Medical Humanities & Bioethics
University of Washington
Department of Bioethics and Humanities
Wake Forest University
Bioethics Graduate Program

Ph.D. Programs in Bioethics

American University of Sovereign Nations
PhD in Bioethics, Sustainability, and Global Public Health
Duquesne University
Ph.D. in Nursing Ethics
KU Leuven University, Belgium
PhD Socio-Ethical Analysis of Standardization in Decision-Making and Communication Patterns of Genomic Test Results
Case Western Reserve University
Department of Bioethics
Duquesne University, Pittsburgh
Center for Healthcare Ethics
Georgetown University
Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Johns Hopkins University
Department of Health Policy and Management
St. Louis University
Center for Health Care Ethics
University of Virginia
Department of Religious Studies