Women Serving in the Armed Forces: Shaping Modern Values and Beyond

Friday, January 29-30, 2016

Conference Announcement & Call for Papers

Traditionally, women have been excluded from many roles in the military, especially combat roles. In recent years, however, that has all changed, first unofficially, and finally officially: women who have been ‘de facto’ serving in combat roles for the last decade or so, and the first female candidates have been or in all probability soon will be admitted to Marine Corps Infantry training and the US Army Ranger School. ISME is pleased to accept papers on all aspects of this historical development.

Questions to consider might include:
— The right of women to serve in such roles
— Gender-related moral dilemmas: case studies
— Embracing diversity: balancing practical considerations and modern values
— Equality and equity in promotion
— Moral injuries during and after war: impact of gender on healing

Submissions should be sent no later than 1 September, 2015. Abstracts are acceptable, although full papers are preferred (but please also include an abstract); please limit submissions to mo more than 7,000 words. As always, we accept high-quality submissions in any area of military ethics.

Contact Name: Richard Schoonhoven

Contact Email: richard.schoonhoven@usma.edu