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Rethinking How We Promote and Support Transplantation Research

ABSTRACT Responding to the article “Promoting Research with Organ Transplant Patients,” by Leiber, Schiavo, and Rhodes (IRB: Ethics & Human Research, September-October 2018), this commentary discusses ethical challenges of recruiting organ transplant candidates into transplant research studies, and argues against moral claims that strive to justify transplant patients’ study participation. More research in transplantation and donation is needed to improve outcomes for patients with end-stage organ failure, and policy changes are needed to increase transplant research funding. Efforts to increase study participation should involve public education to raise awareness of transplantation, and engaging patients early in research design to ensure that recruitment approaches are patient centered. Evaluating the implementation of evidence-based transplant interventions may help to advance the field of transplantation research.

Published on: July 23, 2019
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